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English courses:

The teaching methodology we use has the main goal to assure each students an individual and constant development which allows them to use the foreign language both naturally and efficiently in social activities as well as in professional fields according to their needs.

Classes are dynamic and include various activities: reading articles from the Internet, debates and representations of real situations, using audio-visual techniques and teaching materials.

The levels of the courses are as follows: Basic, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. IN COMPANY CLASSES: All programs and levels apply to classes in companies in both general and specific language. Groups or Individual classes are coordinated along with the Human Resources Dept. - or with the office in charge of hiring training languages services.

  • Nine year-correlated levels. Three levels for children and six for adolescents and adults.
  • Classes with small numbers, homogeneous in age and knowledge.
  • Personalized follow.
  • Classes entirely in English. SPEAKING, reading, writing and listening comprehension: the four language skills are developed.
  • Group Activities with sound material and adequate to the interests of the students projects.
  • Technology Resources.
  • Custom Activities.
  • Access to updated news.
  • Continuous assessment in class and integrative tests.
  • Test Preparation: last level of these courses has a built-in class international TOEIC preparation .
  • Since 1979, organizations around the world have used the test / TOEIC / ® to hire, assign jobs and promote employees.

Certified Translations

For those occasions when a high quality translation is not enough, and legal validation is required, we offer our customers a sworn translation service in English- Spanish source and target languages.

The difference is that a sworn translation:

  • -is signed and sealed by an authorized sworn translator.
  • -Is valid as an official translation.

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Our financial translation expertise includes:

  • * Annual Reports
  • * SEC-required Reports
  • * Income statements
  • * Banking Documents
  • * Balance Sheets
  • * Cash Flow Statements
  • * Auditor's Reports
  • * Government Tax Reports
  • * Financial reporting guidelines
  • * Business Plans
  • * Prospectuses
  • * Private and Public Offerings
  • * Insurance related documents
  • * And much more...
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    We offer

    Legal documentation

    Administrative law, letters and provisions of regulatory bodies, legal texts (laws, decrees and resolutions)

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    Comprehensive English classes with personalized follow up...

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    Civil and commercial contracts

    We translate all types of civil and commercial contracts ...

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    Powers of attorney

    We translate documents in reference to power of attorney ...

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